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Tip of the week: Returning to exercise

In this article we listen to mothers who returned to exercise after having a baby.
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Returning to exercise after birth is great for promoting good physical health and strength, but for many women, the most important benefits of returning to exercise are found in the positive effects that it has on their mental health, and the opportunity to spend time with other adults and be social in the postpartum period.

Our tip of the week is to set aside time for yourself which is dedicated to doing the things that you enjoy and bring benefits to your physical and mental health. In the months following birth, it can seem impossible to find the time to do things that are good for your wellbeing. By getting, and accepting, help from your partner, family and friends, you can create some space to prioritise your wellbeing.

Find the method that works for you and your life, and remember that the time you spend on your health and happiness is time well spent.

Take a moment to listen to Moira and Naomi, two mothers from the MAMMI study, who share their experiences and tips for returning to exercise after the birth of their children.

Moira is the mother of a three young children. Click here to hear how returning to exercise after each birth was different for her. (4 minutes and 36 seconds).
Naomi is the mother of a 2 and a half year old boy. Click here to listen to her experiences of doing exercise after giving birth (2 minutes and 32 seconds).

You can read a transcript of Moira’s and Naomi’s audio in the Downloads section below.

  • Listening to Moira and Naomi, what benefits do they talk about when doing exercise?
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Women’s Health After Motherhood

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