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Moderation policies

Single point of contact

Where there is no other contact details set out, FutureLearn’s single point of contact regarding any issues that may arise is Any communications made to this email address should be in English and should contain your full name, contact information and details of the organisation you represent including, where relevant, the name of the EU based authority on behalf of whom you are contacting us. 

Automated means of content moderation

No automated means of content moderation have been undertaken in the year to 13 February 2024. 

Content moderation procedure

FutureLearn respects everyone’s intellectual property rights. If you believe in good faith that any material on our platform infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties, causes harm or otherwise violates any applicable law then you may send us a notice requesting that such material is removed from our platform or access to it is blocked. 

Notices of complaints regarding material on our platform should be sent to  and should include:

  1. Details of the allegedly infringing material including the reasons you believe the material infringes third party rights and/or breaches any applicable law;
  2. An indication of the location of the alleged illegal content;
  3. Your relationship to the allegedly infringing material; 
  4. Your name and email address for any further information we may request; and
  5. A statement confirming your good faith belief that the information and allegations you have submitted are accurate and complete.

Once we have received your submission we shall review it in a timely, diligent and objective manner. Submissions will be reviewed by individuals and no automated decision-making is used to review complaints. Complaints about content may be escalated to the Partner who provides the content. If we deem it appropriate we may remove the offending content. 

Where we remove content that we believe infringes third party rights or breaches any applicable law we will notify the partner whose content it is with an explanation of why such content has been removed. The relevant partner may raise a query regarding the removed content by replying to the relevant email. 

If you disagree with the decision made about your complaint about content please email

Comment moderation 

Our comment moderation policy can be found here:

Comment complaints procedure

When a comment is removed by our moderators on FutureLearn, the user who posted the comment that has been removed will receive an automated email notification that the comment has broken a rule from our Code of Conduct and has been removed. That user can reply directly to that email if they have any query or complaint regarding the removal of their comment. The FutureLearn Moderation Support team will then review the actions taken by our moderators, with reference to our Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct, and our Persistent Negative Behaviour Policy. They will reply to the user to give them more information about the moderation decision, and advise them on whether their comment can be restored. The email address for this team is  

Account suspension complaints procedure

When an account is suspended or removed by our moderators on FutureLearn, the learner whose account has been suspended will receive an email notifying them that their account has been suspended or removed. This email will set out the reason for suspending the account.. If you would like to challenge such suspension or removal please reply directly to that email from [].

Other complaints
For complaints about anything else, please follow the policies outlined here –/info/about/complaints