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Hadi discusses two prominent examples to consider the ethics of games for change.

The four layers

The four layers is a method of narrative design for interactive storytelling. Watch Charly demonstrate how the method is used.

What is a good story?

Charly goes over what makes for effective story telling by describing the path that your narrative should take. What games have you played which told a captivating story?

Examples to try yourself

Try some of the games below and tell us which you choose and what you think. Did you learn something new? Did they make you consider an issue in a …

Reflections on the game

Having played through a game of Flashpoint: Fire Rescue with our colleague Dr Lynn Love, we discuss our experience and what it taught us. What did you think? Have you …

What do we play?

In this video William looks at the structure of games and how game mechanics can be tied to theme to deliver a unified message. Can you think of any examples …

Why do we play?

Having described what play is, William goes on to investigate why we play and how we can use that knowledge in designing games. Thinking about Bartle’s player types; Achievers, Explorer, …

Play and playing

What does it mean to play and why do we do it? William discusses these and other ideas on ‘play’.

The MDA framework

Hadi introduces the MDA framework, a lens through which to view game design and game playing.