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Types of lasers

Gas lasers The active medium of a laser is the part that is excited by an external energy source. Gas lasers have an active medium that is a gas. They …

Non Beam Hazards

Key points laser beams are not the only hazards to consider know the other hazards that can be caused understand the damage other hazards can cause

Hierarchy of controls

In this video, we will cover the hierarchy of controls, which include: Elimination Substitution Engineering controls Administrative controls PPE

Avoiding Laser Injuries

Key points blink reflex problems with invisible lasers maximum permissible exposures nominal ocular hazard distance

Laser Basics

Population Inversion and Stimulated Emission In most materials at room temperature, the majority of the electrons in atoms are in an unexcited energy level or a ‘ground’ states. By putting …

Laser Hazards

Key Points types of damage that can be caused the eye and how it is damaged accident example damage caused by different wavelengths

Techno Fear

What is the public perception of lasers? And what can they really be used for?

End of Week Two

Well done. We hope you have found this second week interesting and that it has given you a greater awareness of the hazards of lasers and how they can cause …