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Developing Brand Personality

Learn about the meaning of a brand and how a brand’s personality is created. When you’re done watching, share your ideas about Red Bull’s brand personality in the discussions.

Snapple and Brand Value

In this video, you will chart the progress of the Snapple brand. Snapple is a very popular cold drink in the United States that was originally sold in small stores …

Utilizing Data to Improve Marketing Strategy

After running an analysis of the Airbnb’s data from the Paris and Miami rental markets, surprising insights are revealed about what influences rental activity in each region. Learn how Airbnb …

Airbnb’s Marketing Strategy with Data

Airbnb hypothesizes several factors that affect its ability to maximize the profit it earns on each property listing and uses a lot of data to create a predictive model that …

Course Overview

Watch this video to learn more about what we will do in each week of the course.

Why Marketing Analytics?

Learn about the three types of marketing analytics and how they benefit companies with analytics capabilities.