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Using CLV to Make Decisions: IBM

Learn how IBM did a sophisticated CLV analysis of how their team allocated sales calls, changed that allocation, and boosted sales tenfold in just one year!

Extending the CLV Formula, Part 2

You will need to consider two other factors as you determine customer lifetime value: cohort and incubate and contractual vs non-contractual customers. Learn what these terms mean and how to …

Extending the CLV Formula, Part 1

Now that you are familiar with the base CLV model, learn how to adjust the formula based on two factors: time horizon and initial margin. This will help you account …

Applying the CLV Formula: Netflix

In this video, you will see how to calculate customer lifetime value with additional complexities thrown into the mix. Then you will learn to weight marketing decisions based on their …

Understanding the CLV Formula

The base CLV formula has two components, which you can manipulate to test your understanding of the formula. Does it make intuitive sense to you?

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

See the power of CLV in action as Raj shares the story of Netflix and how it uses CLV calculations to maximize profits.

Takeaways: Measuring Brand Value

In this video, Raj summarizes key learnings from the week. After you’re done watching, go ahead and test your knowledge on the final test.

Measuring Brand Value

Learn about two ways brands are evaluated to measure their value. One method, Interbrand Brand Valuation Model, provides a picture of the brands financial value. The other, Y&R Brand Asset …

Brand Architecture: Etch A Sketch

Now that you have considered the brand pyramid for Etch A Sketch, Raj explains how he interprets the brand so that you can gain a sense of how brands are …

Brand Architecture: Red Bull

Now that you’ve considered the brand architecture for Red Bull, Raj shares his interpretation and how the brand pyramid is fully aligned to ensure all marketing actions contribute to that …

Developing Brand Architecture

Now that you have had a chance to think about the Etch A Sketch brand, Raj will talk through his interpretation of the brand personality. Then he explains brand architecture …