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Multivariable Regressions

Learn how inputting many variables into your regression equation gets you closer to the true model of the way your market responds.

What Regressions Reveal

In this video, you will learn how to read a regression chart and the most important element marketers need to understand about what these reveal.

Takeaways: Marketing Experiments

Reinforce your understanding of this week’s content with a summary of key takeaways about marketing experiments. Ask any questions in the comments and share your insights with your fellow learners.

Maximizing Effectiveness: Nanoblocks

Because digital marketing experiments are inexpensive and easy to run, they have transformed the world of marketing, allowing marketers to tweak various dimensions in real time. Learn how to run …

Projecting Lift

Learn the conceptual framework for projecting lift from a test market across geographies and over time.

Analyzing an Experiment: Betty Spaghetty

When Ohio Art introduces a new product, the Betty Spaghetty doll, they have to run their experiments a little differently since there are no pre-test sales. Learn how to do …

Designing an Experiment: Etch A Sketch

We will take a look at three different product advertising experiments by the Ohio Art Company. We will start with Etch A Sketch. Learn the background on this product experiment.

Designing Basic Experiments

Learn the four rules to ensure that the results of your marketing experiments are actually caused by the experiment rather than some other outside factor.

Takeaways: CLV

Focus in on the key points from this week’s material, then think about this week’s objectives and how well you understand CLV. Do you now know what CLV is and …

CLV: A Forward Looking Measure

Learn how CLV is a forward looking measure that can let marketers know how long they can expect to earn a profit from a customer. Then connect the dots between …