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Adrian Montague

Associate Director - Academy, and looking forward to participating with learners construction related and broader topics of discussion

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  • Afternoon Helen, thank you for bringing an issue to our attention. When putting the course together we chose a quote that is one used quite regularly to define carry capacity. Unfortunately, as you point out, it has been identified that the source has some divisive opinions on certain topics. As such, we have now edited the quote and removed reference to the...

  • @AdamTrickett @JackBeckwith i hope so too!!

  • Adrian Montague replied to [Learner left FutureLearn]

    @JCox Completely agree, and it seems this all comes down to planning with sustainability in mind, and sometimes being creative with space. Wish a combination of enthusiasm and finance for such was common place.

  • Morning all, week three is here, and it is time to look at economic sustainability. Iam sure you will all have lots of comments, and again i look forward to reading them. The level of interaction on this course has been amazing, and i have tried to read as many comments as possible. Again, enjoy the content and keep interacting.


  • quick google translation for those of us who cant read this:

    I think that making laws that emphasize the use of environmentally friendly materials can contribute to an increase in the concept of sustainability

  • Education is key, and hopefully in a small way this course helps :)

  • @AdamTrickett @JackBeckwith thanks both. do you see this getting worse based on the current financial situation?

  • Hi Gemma, I definitely think there is a need to embrace modern methods, but also think the industry needs supporting in how to achieve this through case studies and examples etc. Otherwise it seems people dont see the benefits and carry on as before,

  • Hi Fadil, do you have more information you can share on this?

  • @LeoKane thanks Leo

  • @robertreid my apologies, the digital team at my office change the website, so the links changed, but they didnt tell me. Link should work now.

  • @VeselinVasilev @robertreid my apologies, the digital team at my office change the website, so the links changed, but they didnt tell me. Link should work now.

  • @PeterPalinkas cheers. beat me to it!

  • my apologies, the digital team at my office change the website, so the links changed, but they didnt tell me. Link should work now.

  • my apologies , the digital team at my office change the website, so the links changed, but they didnt tell me. Link should work now.

  • my apologies Zoe, the digital team at my office change the website, so the links changed, but they didnt tell me. Link should work now.

  • Cheers Chloe. appreciate the answers.all very sensible and doable i think

  • Not to spoil anything but the olympics will be presented later :)

  • Cheers Katie, great suggestions and i love a list!

  • great examples. Thanks Denis. Do you think the fact that there is LEED, BREEAM, Ska etc. makes things a little confusing rather than having one standard? not sure myself but interested to hear from others

  • has the meeting worked as well as face to face ones?

  • Waste is a theme we hear a lot. do you think planning from the construction side and better estimating of the amount of materials to be used would also help?

  • Slightly unrelated but made me think of it none the less, was the story of sunlight reflecting off the walkie talkie building in londn and melting part of a car below!

  • Not sure if this is humour, but i suppose it depends on what you are going to say. related to the content and not discriminatory then you should be o.k.

  • good point, especially during these times when the news is saying that the air in peoples houses during lockdown is getting worse and worse due to cooking and being in the houses constantly. Obviouslycant solve the now situation with new houses, but worth considering for future

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    Interesting discussion here both, and I can see both sides of the argument. I find it particularly interesting in a country such as the UK where there is a massive push for mre housing but then question marks over building on green belt land etc. One point that has been raised to me is the need to refurb and fill a lot of the existing empty housing stock...

  • Thanks Richard. probably lots more items that could be added toyour list also :)

  • Morning, afternoon and evening to all, and welcome to week 2. We now move into the 3 pillars, and specifically the environmental one. enjoy, and keep the discussion going.

  • thanks. Great to hear india making real steps!

  • thanks @ConorMcDermott More case studies and campaigns across the industry would be nice. I hope to see sustainabillity up there with quality and H& S soon.

  • Does anyone have a suggestion on how you can influence your work place for these discussions to happen?

  • Can you be more specific about you expertise and roles etc. I am sure people would like to know more

  • hi gina, hopefully this course can give you some information in your endeavours :)

  • @LeoKane Could you define more of what you mean by influence filtering

  • @JossStoddart Do you share examples of these initiatives across the company or wider?

  • Hi, can you tell us a bit more about your area of work etc.

  • hi both, it would be great if you could provid examples of your areas of work and location. I appreciate some sensitivity in naming projects an companies.

  • Are there similar cost sustainable alternatives out there for the work you do? If not, why do you think that is?

  • starting at the planning stage is a theme you will see throughout this course. well said @ConorMcDermott

  • Do you think smaller projects can be done sustainably, and if so, are they not because there is a lack of info on how to achieve this within margins?

  • Seems to be a trend that sustainability and social issues are becoming more of a focus with people entering industry. how do you think students and future construction pros can influence the industry?

  • @AminuAbdulrashidBello you are probably not alone in this. Sad but true

  • Great to hear jagjit. Where have your projects been?

  • great stuff. Someone has to take the lead and glad it is someone with passion, which is what you have Adebayo

  • Morning all,
    A big thank you from all at the CIOB for joining the course. It is one we are proud of, and hope you will find it useful. Please do comment as much as possible, and make sure you interact with those on the course. I will try and read as many comments as possible, and hope you all can to.

    good luck in the first week, and stay safe everyone!

  • thanks Lorna. apologies for the slow reply. the ongoing virus situation is leading to lots of discussions about business at teh moment

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  • @AbiBogale Morning Abi, all videos are tested before being loaded onto the site, and use the inbuilt player. As such, all should be fine

  • thanks Muhammad. enjoy the week.

  • A very thoughtful post to start us off. have a good week in the course!

  • Great stuff Anthony. good to have you on board.

  • Adrian Montague made a comment

    Welcome all. looking forward to interacting with you all over the coming weeks. Martin will be also with us to comment. Please follow other people and comment on their posts. Interaction makes the course great. thanks for joining and enjoy!!!

  • @LornaAllen Hi Lorna, the charts and things can all be found online.

  • Thanks Paul. glad you enjoyed it.

  • Cheers. Rab. Good luck

  • thanks John. Good luck with your attempts to implement a similar approach

  • Thanks for your comment David. I will share it with my colleagues.

  • cheers Namal.

  • Thx Bongani.

  • Cheers Frederick. glad you enjoyed.

  • Thank you Mark, appreciate your thoughts.

  • Cheers Kevin! Now action :)

  • Thanks. appreciate your participation

  • Dear all, thanks for letting us know about the broken link to the paper on unleashing human potential, this is now fixed. Please enjoy the article.

  • @MariaCoulter Hi all, the link is now fixed. :)

  • Thanks for sharing. Rare to see a government admit error, especially here in the UK ;)

  • Not wrong. It seems we are forever talking about procurement, but have not yet solved the issue.

  • Thanks for sharing Uzor. Nigeria is definitely not alone with this problem.

  • like the link to quality!

  • nice and simple :)

  • thanks Steve, think you will see there is differences when we hear from those in other regions.

  • thanks steve, Maria will be commenting shortly.

  • They do. it is all connected. You would see the same in the sustainability MOOC we do.

  • thanks Kaz

  • Yes it is funny that in certain circumstances people expect to get something out of being ethical before they do it. As you say, it should be seen as a value in its own right.

  • Thanks Tetyana. Do you think it is possible to align the business and personal ethics in the future?

  • Thanks for sharing Awais. Are these talks done for new employees or on a regular basis?

  • Cheers Damian, much appreciated. This is our third course on this platform. We have others on ethics and sustainability, and will add more. each will run again next year, so let your colleagues know!

  • Thanks Declan. it is definitely the responsibility of us all.

  • Agreed Brendan :) That is why we make it free and accessible to all.

  • Good luck with that Paul, and thanks for joining.

  • Thanks Eva. Very much appreciated comments. Good luck with the dissertation, and glad in some way we can help.

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  • Cheers Ian. Wish you the best with putting the ideas into practice

  • a pleasure as always having you involved Anne

  • cheers Morag. pretty much summed up what we aim to achieve with these courses. Good luck.

  • Thanks Kenneth, It has been a pleasure to host this course, and to read the comments. Love the way that it attracts people who 'are not in the trade'. Appreciate all your contributions.

  • Cheers Michael, your comments are appreciated, and the questions we can certainly amend for the future. Good luck and thanks.

  • Thanks Mark. all feedback appreciated.

  • Good luck Duncan, and thanks for attending.

  • thanks Adrian. Exactly what we hoped for the course.

  • Thanks Bogdan. Agree on all points

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  • Nicola, thank you very much for being involved. Good luck in your quality role, I hope we have given you some things to use.

  • Thanks Tony. Thought provoking is certainly one of the aims

  • We do our best ;) . Glad you enjoyed it.

  • thanks Laura, great to have you involved. quality should be in everything we do :)

  • Appreciate the comments Robert, and good luck to you too.

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  • Indeed it is Denis, thanks for participating.