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Generally speaking, the word ‘design’ refers to the process of visualising and planning the creation of objects and interactive systems, making them more meaningful in the process.

It’s a user-centered concept, with the ultimate aim being to create solutions for people, physical items or more abstract systems in order to address a specific need or problem.

However, it’s also incredibly broad, and can cover many different aspects of our lives across a range of industries, from production design to architecture, and from the world of user interfaces and coding to the video game sector.

Our extensive range of design-focussed courses cover many aspects of design, and will take your learning and understanding further in whichever aspect of the concept you choose.

Aesthetics are an important part of object design. Designers can use aesthetics - such as colour, shape and pattern - to complement their designs’ usability, and therefore enhance functionality with attractive layouts.

Explore how production design can bring magic to the screen and transport you to another world with award-winning filmmakers, and learn how it adds meaning and depth to screen stories.

A designer is also someone who needs to be able to change with the times. Discover the trends influencing modern building design - including climate change, technology and regulation - and see how designers are adapting to these changes on an informative course from the University of Bath.

Get a step ahead in the tech sector with our website, UX and app design courses

Design is used extensively throughout the technology sector, from content design and coding to app development and user experience interfaces.

Understand what the role of a content designer is and develop your skills in designing content that is accessible, backed by user research and written in plain English.

Or, get to grips with how apps and websites are made and designed with this introduction to coding and design course, and find out how you can kick start your career as a UX designer.

Introduce yourself to the gaming industry via a range of video game design courses

From Mario Cart to Lara Croft, video games have introduced us to a whole new world of iconic characters that have become a part of our cultural narrative.

Discover what qualities make a great video game character and how to make your own with this course from Abertay University, which encompasses the subjects of anatomy, graphic design, narrative and gameplay.

Along with great characters, video games have also given us some legendary soundtracks over the years. Draw on technology, musicology, and cultural studies with this unique course and chart the video game soundtracks have made an indelible mark on our culture.

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