First aid Courses

With our online first aid courses, you can understand basic first aid skills and specialise in specific areas like psychological first aid in young people.

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Knowledge of first aid can be lifesaving. By taking first aid training, you’ll gain skills to support people in life-threatening situations, such as a physical health emergency or mental health crisis. Having this understanding can also help you know how to identify a problem and accelerate the emergency response.

Our course library varies, but some of the courses you’ll find here include basic first aid, basic first aid for pets, and mental health first aid for children and adults.

Knowing how crucial first aid knowledge is , it’s no surprise that everyone can benefit from knowing first aid. It’s an especially important skill to have if your job or lifestyle means you’re often surrounded by large groups of people or you’re frequently in higher-risk situations. For example, educators, office workers, guides, and fitness instructors will all greatly benefit from basic first-aid training.

Online first aid training from FutureLearn

Our first aid courses can be completed online from anywhere, allowing you to gain skills and knowledge across a variety of first aid principles and practices around your schedule.

We offer a variety of physical health-related first aid courses, including basic first aid and adult CPR training, as well as basic first aid for animals and pets. You can also learn about mental health first aid and how to provide psychological support for children, young people, and adults in crisis.

First aid training is a useful skill for everyone, and learning the principles of first aid for physical support and mental well-being can serve you in the workplace, at school, and beyond. Our short, accessible online first aid courses can be completed at your own pace.

Mental health first aid courses and well-being

Our courses offer a variety of mental health first aid training for both children and adults. You’ll learn how to support people in need during a crisis, identify mental health conditions that affect people in different ways, and gain tools to respond in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

Whether you work in an educational setting, an office environment, or you simply interact with people frequently, learning about mental health first aid is a valuable skill that will increase your sensitivity and ability to react, both to yourself and others. Learn more about psychological first aid and how to provide mental health support.

Learn practical first aid to provide care for those who need it

Our first aid training courses will provide you with knowledge of basic first-aid principles and how to respond to an unconscious person in need. Not only does this include CPR training, but you will also learn how to respond to a choking situation and how to treat severe cuts and wounds.

Online first aid courses offer a good foundation of knowledge that can be applied to various crisis situations both at work and beyond. It’s a great starting point that can accelerate your skills ahead of official, in-person first-aid training.

Earn a first aid certificate

Earn personalised first aid certificates when you complete an online course on FutureLearn, complete with lead educator signatures, organisation logos and course details. Share your achievements with employers, on Linkedin, on your CV and more.

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