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Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system) on a physiological, biological, and cognitive level. Our online neuroscience courses explore how the nervous system operates and how it shapes behaviour, perception, consciousness and development.

Studying neuroscience can lead to a variety of career opportunities, both in the neurology field and beyond, including careers as a:

  • Scientist
  • Lab technician
  • Psychologist or counsellor
  • Scientific researcher
  • Healthcare worker
  • Teacher

Neuroscience courses will provide you with an understanding of the brain and how it impacts health, memory, and learning. These courses can equip you with new knowledge to incorporate into your existing working life as well as open up the possibilities for new career paths in sectors such as education, psychology, healthcare, and beyond.

Study Neurology Online

We offer a variety of online neuroscience courses designed for teachers, support workers, and anyone interested in introductory neuroscience or pursuing a career in psychology. Gain an introduction to neuroscience or dive into courses that specifically focus on areas of neuroscience, such as educational neuroscience, neurological disorders and diseases, and the intersection between neurology and biology. As well as providing a deeper understanding of the human brain and central nervous system, our online neurology courses will teach you about how neuroscience influences different elements of life, including memory, learning, mindfulness and wellbeing and ageing.

Gain certifications in neurology with FutureLearn

Our online neuroscience courses are an excellent resource for teachers and educators who want to level up their skillset and learn how to apply neuroscience to learning.

Earn cerificates courses on Neurology in Teaching and more, gaining insight into brain-based learning, neuromyths, and how neuroplasticity impacts memory and learning in the brain.

As well as getting a comprehensive understanding of introductory neuroscience and how the brain works in educational settings, you’ll be equipped with actionable strategies, skills, and tools that you can apply immediately to a classroom environment.

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