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Social care is a broad sector, with importance across a wide range of fields. Generally speaking, it involves providing care to support daily living for any individuals that require assistance. This includes children, youth, and adults.

These services may be needed due to illness and health issues, mental health conditions, poverty, old age, and other situations in which people are vulnerable and require support.

The qualifications needed to work in health and social care will vary depending on the specifics of the role and the geographical requirements of the country you’re working in.

Typically, you’ll need to complete a training scheme, such as a university course, postgraduate program, or apprenticeship. Taking social care courses online is a great way to gain an introduction to what a career in social care involves.

There is a wide range of careers across various environments available to social care workers. Some common places of work include healthcare facilities such as a clinic or hospitals, care homes, and children’s centres. Social care workers can even secure mobile roles where they get involved with the community across various locations.

There are many different environments for social care workers, including healthcare facilities such as a clinic or hospitals, adult care or senior’s homes, children’s centres, and mobile social care work out and about within the community.

Kickstart your social care career

Studying social care courses online is a great way to learn more about what social care is, understand the different applications of social care across communities, and delve into challenges within social care systems. A career in social care is ideal for individuals who want to incorporate caring for others into their daily lives, such as social care, education, healthcare and research, or other sectors where they will be working closely with people who require support.

Our introductory courses will teach you about the purpose and importance of social care, as well as help you develop an understanding of the key principles.

Gain certifications and CPD in health and social care

For individuals already working in social care, our flexible courses in social care offer great CPD opportunities and knowledge to upskill in your role. Whether you want to refresh your understanding or focus on strengthening your skills in a specific field or sector, studying social care courses online is a great way to level up your skill set at your own pace.

Your options for studying health and social care online

We offer a variety of online social care courses, ranging from training that provides general knowledge about what social care is to more advanced courses designed for social care workers seeking CPD opportunities.

There are even options for those looking for short-term courses that can be completed in as little as 2 weeks. If you’re looking for a longer course, we have those too! Find the right health and social care course, with courses varying in length and complexity to fit your goals and schedule.

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