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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 seconds Welcome to week 3 of the course. So far, we’ve covered the past and present of the legal profession. We’ve looked at innovation, and had a glimpse at the future of law firms. This week we’re gonna have a look at legal tech, and the techy tools that are at the heart of the legal revolution. The final challenge of this week will be to look back on all you’ve learned, and to join in on discussion on whether you would trust a robot lawyer. But first as ever, the learning outcomes for this week. Try to take them off by the end of the week activities. We’re gonna look to evaluate how technology will change the way that lawyers do their jobs.

Skip to 0 minutes and 33 seconds And to discuss how important ethics are in a changing legal industry. But first a word on legal tech cuz it’s very hard to define. Legal tech is a buzzword and it can mean almost anything from lawyers with laptops and mobiles all the way to advanced AI and chatbots. But in truth, it means using tech or software to streamline the business of law. And this week, you gonna learn about two big new technologies that correctly implemented have the ability to radically change how we practice law. The first one is on breaking down AI and it’s on the next step.

Welcome to week 3

Welcome to the final week of the course. A short video with this week’s learning outcomes and a lightning guide to legal tech.

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