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A global toolkit for antimicrobial stewardship

What should be in any antimicrobial stewardship toolkit?

The aim of a study by Pulcini et al “Developing core elements and checklist items for global hospital antimicrobial stewardship programmes: a consensus approach” was to

” develop a set of core elements and their related checklist items for AMS programmes that should be present in all hospitals worldwide,regardless of resource availability…..

Our objective was to identify existing core elements for hospital AMS programmes and to assess their broader global relevance. This was done by undertaking a literature review followed by a structured consensus procedure involving experts.

The 7 baseline core elements include:

  1. Senior hospital management leadership towards antimicrobial stewardship
  2. Accountability and responsibility
  3. Available expertise on infection management
  4. Education and practical training
  5. Other actions aiming at responsible antimicrobial use
  6. Monitoring and surveillance
  7. Reporting and feedback.

To find out the details within each element read the paper below

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