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Skip to 0 minutes and 14 seconds OK, so SMARTFISH concept SMARTFISH 2020 is an International Research Project. But which aim to develop to test and promote a suite of high tech systems for the EU fishing sector.

Skip to 0 minutes and 32 seconds And the goal is to: one, the first optimized resource efficiency. OK. Second is improved automatic data collection for fish stock assessment. Third is politely evidence of compiling with fishery regulations Forth, reduce ecological impact of the industry. All these goals are really exciting, right? This like, we just learned about, the 3 old fishery major method is is good idea, but I don’t think they are efficient enough. This project you try to use AI to help us to solve the old problem. What they do they trying to optimize the efficiency They try to get the automatic data collection. Remember if we do the automatic data collection.

Skip to 1 minute and 27 seconds They pretty much tell you that you can almost get a live data right away, so you can change your strategy. Or you can do a lot of things that will make efficiency better, much better. And of course the regulation, the official regulation if we have the right data, correct input we can change or we can fixing or we can make official regulation. A more fit today. OK, and we of course I mean, for my personally I seen the most important is we can reduce. Uh, the ecological impact of the industry. This is, I think that is really important. For me is pretty much the most important thing. That’s why we do the research, why do we do all this work?

Skip to 2 minutes and 22 seconds We want to reduce impact OK? So. We saw from the infrastructure that… that will enable systematic collection and analysis of data from a fishing vessel that is just a hardware. It is a hardware, uh, devices that can help you to collect data. Remember we want to get real time right? So this is acquired data on board and transfer it to shore and 2nd we can analyze data from vessels which combined with data from other sources and third is, we can present the process information to stakeholders. This is really important. Uh, thing? Remember the three management technology I mentioned earlier and is… or even before that…. we have a four steps. We have our goal.

Skip to 3 minutes and 28 seconds We implement and, we get feedback and we go back to go back to change it. So this with this four step and the earlier three management types. All the thing the idea itself, I have no question about the idea itself is pretty good, but with the AI, artificial intelligent or we can actually can correct the data and do the analysis in real-time, in live time. So we can just do one mentioned earlier. We can make everything small efficient. We can optimize the efficiency. That’s why we can get. we can reduce the impact of our enviroment

SMARTFISH Concept and Goals

SMARTFISH is an international research project developed to be tested and promoted in the EU fisheries sector. You can check on their official website for more details.

The goals of SMARTFISH project includes:

  • Optimize resource efficiency.
  • Improve automatic data collection for fish stock assessment.
  • Provide evidence of compliance with fishery regulations.
  • Reduce the ecological impact of the industry.

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