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Skip to 0 minutes and 15 seconds So the result, the fish SMARTFISH 2020 will probably was the goal achieved the goals by… The first one is introduced submarine fish detection system. To ensure that the fishing gear is deployed only where the target species are sufficiently rich. This is cool, right? But in all time you have sonar. The captain now will say OK. I see all group of fish out there. And I know there is fish out there. When I know um… Is there right? So that the captain says let’s just put the fishing gear down. But now with the machine vision and that system. We can guarantee. OK. I know there is fish out there. But I want to make sure this is the right kind…

Skip to 1 minute and 6 seconds I am… I want… I mean this is a target species. This is a target fish. Let’s just say put this word. This is what we want to catch. Only that and we can deploy the fishing gear. This is several benefit… I can see so many benefit all of it. I mean…First, if the captain catch non target fish or protective fish. This deploy just waste of time with energy, with resourses. So now we can more target specific. We can say OK. This is what we wanted. Then that do it. So that will help a lot of things. At least save money. And second is we can get what we want. The second um…But the goal …

Skip to 1 minute and 54 seconds We believe this um…project can achieve is introduce a pre-harvest size. And a species identification system To ensure that the size and species composition of the catch is appropriate. So before that and…pretty much they do the exact same thing just like um… What we say. We do. It’s like we can decide. We can know. We can see what we gonna get. So make everything is much easier. I mean even this is the right size. I mean this is right fish. We want get the right size, right? But too small. We don’t want to catch without make it um.. grow up a little bigger. And just for lots of reasons. So this is done with this machine vision and AI system.

Skip to 2 minutes and 53 seconds We actually can get the right size and right kind of fish. And third is we use real-time monitoring analysis. To ensure that a sufficient number of target fish enter the fishing gear during trawling. And no unwanted by-catch and protected species are captured. In the trawling is not carried out on the bio-sensitive sites. Again. This is pretty much another function that is amazed me too a lot. This is what give me a real time monitoring. We see this is a target fish group we want to get. And at the same time, when we put fishing gear down. When we deployed the fishing gear. We can still monitoring to make sure there’s no unwanted by-catch.

Skip to 3 minutes and 41 seconds Or protective fish is in..between..in among the our target fish. This is something cannot be done in the past. But now it’s possible with machine vision and AI system. OK. This is more um…goals are we can..we believe or we hope this kind of project can be done. Like introducing a smart gear system. That allows for changing in selectivity during trawling. Thereby affecting the trawl retention and release of the fish species and size. Um..This is go back to our very beginning our presentation…is like.. This is give us the power. And to do the feedback system right away. We can guarantee um.. or we can do the selection during our trawling. This is not…This is something cannot be done in the past.

Skip to 4 minutes and 49 seconds And we can use artificial intelligence um..AI and machine learning methods. To automatically process and analyze the catches on fishing and research vessels. You can do it right away in all time. You rely on human being. We say OK. Which is count we see it. Now we can use that. Um..some machine vision and AI. We can do that for you or for our fishermen. We can do it right away.

Results of SMARTFISH

Prof. Wu will talk about the result of SMARTFISH H2020 project. What’s the goal that they target to achieve?

In this project, researchers develop the submarine fish detection system to ensure that fishing gear is deployed properly. With this system, the accuracy of detecting target species raises now. Also, we have pre-harvest size and species identification systems. These will help fisheries to ensure that the size and species composition of the catch is appropriate. And the final aid, real-time monitoring, and analysis. These can help to ensure that a sufficient number of target species enter the fishing gear during trawling, that no unwanted by-catch and protected species are captured, and that trawling is not carried out on bio-sensitive sites.

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