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Looking up TIMSS in your part of the world

It can be very useful to look at some real data yourself. It will make you familiar with the international context of Grade 4 mathematics achievement.

You have already looked at the report for TIMSS 2015. Another way to do this to have a look at the actual data with International Data Explorer.

Right-click on this International Data Explorer link to open in a new window.

You can experiment a bit with this explorer. An extensive help file can be found here.

In brief, you can do this as follows:

  1. In the first tab, you select the criteria ‘Mathematics and Science’ and ‘Grade 4’.
  2. In the second tab, you choose the variables you want to look at: the ‘measure’ is ‘TIMSS Mathematics Scales: Overall Mathematics details’, choose your report years, and countries.
  3. You construct reports by choosing what you want in the reports. Choose your own country or a country of your choice for your report. You can build multiple reports.
  4. You then edit the report.
  5. Finally, you build the report.

You can do quite a lot of complex analyses with the explorer. Have a look at the TIMSS 2015 Grade 4 results for your country.

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