Many thanks to all those who are and were involved in the ‘Bacterial Genomes: Accessing and Analysing Microbial Genome Data’ course’s development, refinements, and presentations.

Course Lead Educators and Lead Developers
Dr. Anna Protasio, Dr. Christine Boinett, Martin Aslett, Matthew Dorman, Ulrike Böhme, and Professor Pablo Tsukayama.

Online Courses Programme Education Lead and Course Lead Developer Dr. Pamela Black

Online Courses Programme Lead Professor Nicholas Thomson

Testers Emily Balance Gao, Louise Balance Gao, Chris Black, Dr. Paula Dobosz, Tapoka Mkandawire, Dr. Adam Reid, Cristian Riccio, Dr. Mqondisi Tshabalala, and Dr. Arporn (Koi) Wangwiwatsin

Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences Team Head of ACSC Dr. Rebecca Twells, Education Lead Dr. Pamela Black, IT Manager Martin Aslett, Scientific Programme Manager Dr. Treasa Creavin, Programme Scientific Officer Dr. Nicole Schatlowski, Overseas Course Development Manager Dr. Alice Matimba, Scientific Programme Manager Dr. Darren Hughes, Laboratory Manager Julie Ormond, Assistant Laboratory Manager Kate Waite, Laboratory Assistant Adam Crewdson, Senior Administration Manager Yvonne Thornton, Administrative Assistant Nicola Stevens, Administrator Karon Chappell.

Wellcome Genome Campus Connecting Science Marketing and Communications Managers Catherine Holmes and Emily Boldy

Wellcome Genome Campus PR and Communications Media Officer Dr. Sam Wynne

DragonLight Films Managing Director Colin Ramsay, Director of Film James Uren, Director of Photography Jeremy Dawson, Joe Gillett Digital Marketing Apprentice.

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Bacterial Genomes: Accessing and Analysing Microbial Genome Data

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