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Skip to 0 minutes and 4 seconds Hello, everyone. My name is Martine, and I’m the lead educator for this course. With me is Donya, who is of the mentors. We’ve both been really enjoying speaking week. I don’t know if I’ve said to you before, Donya, but this is one of my favourite week of the course. Because it’s so nice to hear you. I’ve been reading your comments for the last couple of weeks. But now I get to hear your voices, and I get to hear your stories. And I love that. There’s a couple things that I wanted to talk about with you. The first once is it’s really nice to hear a lot of you talking about what good speaking is.

Skip to 0 minutes and 42 seconds A few talked about picking out, but it’s about good communication. It’s about communicating with another person. And it’s quite easy to sometimes get lost in the ideas of the different marking criteria, or to get lost in things that you’re worried about, and to forget that that’s basic idea about it. And I think that one of the ways that you can really work on this, is just to keep practicing. Keep practicing speaking wherever you can. And it’s not just about speaking with native speakers, because anyone you speak to in English will help you practise, even if it’s just helping you get your own thoughts in order, and helping you remember vocabulary for the things you want to say.

Skip to 1 minute and 24 seconds When I’m let languages in the past, I talked to myself quite a lot. And even just talking to yourself around my house about what you’re thinking, about what you are doing, even that is good enough practise. But practise with classmates. Find yourself a conversation group. It really is all about speaking as much English as you can. Yes. But good hearing all your tips, and how you’ve been practicing with your colleagues and friends as well. It’s really helpful. And another thing that’s been great is hearing your SpeakPipe practise speaking tests in session 2.14. So well done to everybody who’s done those. And we hope we found it useful. As Martine was saying the best way to improve is to practise.

Skip to 2 minutes and 9 seconds And if you’re practicing in the format of the exam, that’s going to help you understand the format therefore help with your exam nerves, which can sometimes really affect your performance. And you don’t want anything to affect your performance on the day. So do practise as much as you can. And the good thing to do is to make sure that you time yourself. If you’re practicing the specific tasks, you know exactly how long you need to speak for. And don’t do yourself a disservice by only speaking for a minute, because the more you speak, the more language the examiner hears from you. And you know, the more chance you’ve got of getting a fair grade, really.

Skip to 2 minutes and 51 seconds Absolutely, and people often say that two minutes is longer than they think is. It is quite a long time. So just practise. Get comfortable with it. But I guess if you do run out of things to say before the exam stops, don’t panic as well. But definitely– No, don’t panic. If you can speak for two minutes, do. And remember that the examiners aren’t going to check everything you say is absolutely true. If you need to make up a few details, that’s fine. It’s about the language that you’re using. OK. So I just have one quick other thing to say to you.

Skip to 3 minutes and 25 seconds Somebody, I’ve been told, that people have been sharing personal information on some of the discussion boards, and we’re not going to be doing that on Future Land. It’s part of the policies. So you’re not meant to use, let me just check, don’t share your email, or our phone number, or your WhatsApp, or your Skype, or anything like that. And it is all right to give Facebook contact information, or Twitter, or something like that. But nothing that’s direct contact with you. OK. I think that’s everything we wanted to say, isn’t it? Yeah. Next week, we’re looking at reading. Oh yeah. That’s going to be good week. We will see you then. Goodbye. Bye.

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