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I began writing, as many writers do when I was very little. My love of the English language has never diminished but my writing, until now, has sat on a back burner. I was very self-conscious about what I would write, and I would never have dreamt of getting out a notepad and just start writing wherever I was, before the course. Now it is second nature, and I have also started to attend writing groups in my local city.

Learner on Start Writing Fiction

Thank you - I have learned so much and have surprised myself with the quality of photos I am already taking. My patients and colleagues are soon going to realise that I've 'been on a course' as I practice, practice, practice. And finally, my teenage daughter has been going along with me and is now fascinated by photography. Thank you so much.

Wendy Thompson
Learner on Improving Your Image: Dental Photography in Practice

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