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Skip to 0 minutes and 9 seconds Hello. I’m Zhang Yanli [Zhang laoshi] This is Zhu Xuan, [Zhu laoshi]. Hello. Ni men hao. We are both Chinese teachers from Shanghai International Studies University China. In our course, we are going to introduce you the Chinese phonetics or Pinyin, which is a first step to develop your communicative Chinese. By the end of the three weeks, we hope you are able to read Chinese words accurately and speak some simple Chinese. So please stay with us.

Welcoming you to the course

Welcome to our “Introduction to Chinese: Pronunciation and Tone” course!

The course educators Zhang Yanli and Zhu Xuan are both Chinese teachers from Shanghai International Studies University.

In this course we will introduce you Chinese Pinyin or Phonetics which is the first step in developing your communicative Chinese skills.

Over the next three weeks, we will focus on:

  1. Key elements of Chinese phonetics: initials, finals and tones
  2. Core rules of spelling and tone marking
  3. Distinguishing of similar sounds
  4. Simple daily language skills such as greetings, self-introduction, expressing thanks, love and apology.

By the end of the three weeks, you will be able to pronounce Chinese sounds accurately and speak some simple Chinese. We hope you will enjoy our course to improve your Chinese reading and oral skills and have fun along the way!

The tutorial file for Week 1 is attached (refer to ‘Downloads’) in which you may find the common questions and answers, learning tips as well as some difficulties you will meet in your study. Please come to us at any time you need!

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Introduction to Chinese: Pronunciation and Tone

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