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Dispel the stigmas surrounding mental health

Dispel the stigmas surrounding mental health

As a society, we have made great strides towards understanding mental health and overturning the stigma surrounding it. But according to the Mental Health Foundation, nearly nine out of ten people with mental health problems say that stigma and discrimination still have a negative effect on their lives.

Mental Health Awareness Week is a time for us to talk openly and seriously about mental health. This year’s theme is loneliness, which is a fundamental driver of poor mental health around the world, so we are all being encouraged to connect.

We believe that education is key to helping people understand the complexities of mental health and to breaking down the stigmas that still confront those challenged by mental health issues. So we’ve assembled a curated collection of our top mental health courses, delivered by world-class institutions, to help you both better your knowledge of mental health and make a difference to how we discuss it.

In order to achieve these important goals, mental health education must continue beyond Mental Health Awareness Week. It should be part of everyone’s journey of lifelong learning.

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In a recent survey, FutureLearn has found that mental health is the subject people feel most comfortable learning about online as opposed to in-person (16%). This suggests that online learning ought to play a major role in mental health education. So whether you want to learn about anxiety or depression, digital wellbeing, mindfulness, addiction, ADHD, how to deal with stress, or another subject, our collection of mental health courses will provide the secure, comfortable online experience most learners are looking for.

Join one of our mental health courses today to grow your awareness, broaden your perspective, and help to overturn the stigma of talking openly about mental health.