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Together, we can make global mental health a priority

There are many factors influencing the state of global mental health right now: economic inequality, climate disasters and public health emergencies are all on the rise. As a result, highlighting mental health is more important now than ever, and it’s time to advocate for it across all spheres of society.

World Mental Health Day is a time for us to talk openly and seriously about mental health. This year’s theme is ‘Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’. Together, we can learn how to reduce the risk factors causing poor mental health and call on global and national leaders to take action.

We believe that education is the key to helping people challenge global attitudes and actions surrounding mental health issues. In light of this, we’ve assembled a curated collection of our top mental health courses, delivered by world-class institutions. You’ll not only improve your knowledge of global mental health but also learn to take charge of your own wellbeing.

To achieve the goal of making mental health a global priority, education must continue beyond World Mental Health Day. It should be part of everyone’s lifelong learning journey.

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In a recent survey, FutureLearn has found that mental health is the subject people feel most comfortable learning about online as opposed to in-person (16%). This suggests that online learning ought to play a major role in mental health education. So whether you want to learn about anxiety or depression, digital wellbeing, mindfulness, addiction, ADHD, how to deal with stress, or another subject, our collection of mental health courses will provide the secure, comfortable online experience most learners are looking for.

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