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Skip to 0 minutes and 5 seconds Differentiated learning refers to the ways in which, in their day-to-day practice, teachers address the needs of all their individual students by identifying the specific learning needs, responding to these needs in their practice. And then monitoring the progress that students make.

Reflecting on your learning

In this video Dylan draws Week 1 to a close and summarises differentiation as assessing the specific learning needs of each student, responding to those needs and then monitoring their progress.

This week you have:

  • Developed a definition of differentiation for learning.
  • Explored the importance of increasing challenge, and the underpinning research by Vygotsky and Csíkszentmihályi.
  • Reflected on three key principles of differentiation for learning.
  • Considered how anticipating stumbling blocks can support planning.

Coming up

Over the remaining weeks of the course we’ll be looking at:

  • The effective use of assessment practices elicit evidence of where students are at in their learning.
  • Strategies to increase student ownership of learning and motivation to tackle challenging activities.
  • And finally, in weeks 4 and 5, lots of practical ideas to both support and challenge students in their learning.


Take a moment now to complete your weekly reflection grid, as introduced in step 1.1. In the comments below, share:

  1. Your key take-away from the week.
  2. What you want to find out more about in the upcoming weeks.
  3. Any outstanding questions you have. We encourage you to review each other’s comments and to provide your thoughts.

We will review comments to this step between 14 – 23 July to address your questions. You may wish to turn on notifications for replies to your comments.

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