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Supporting resources - Week 1

This week we’ve picked out some resources that can be found on the National STEM Learning Centre website. Sometimes registration is required to access specific files - this is quick and easy.

Questioning Stem Bookmark

This is very useful for planning effective questioning. The idea is to print the PDF and fold it in half and then laminate or glue it to make a bookmark. You can then keep the bookmark in a planner or on your desk to help plan for or think of questions to use in the lesson.

You’ll notice that the questions are grouped in sections. These are based on the verbs in Bloom’s taxonomy, and increase in cognitive demand from simple knowledge based questions to questions which require higher level thinking skills.

Guide to differentiation

This guide introduces some of the key principles of effective differentiated learning and provides a range of practical ideas for differentiating by

  1. Content – input, what the students learn
  2. Process – how the students go about making sense of ideas and information
  3. Product – output, how the students demonstrate what they have learned

A bank of resources for planning differentiated lessons

When planning activities which challenge all students, it’s useful to have access to a wide range of high quality resources. You could browse over 12,000 resources, or you could head straight for our top picks for specific topics by following the links below.

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