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‘Making a plan’ asks you to think about how you will implement a strategy after ‘defining’ and considering all the ‘what if’ options. There is no set format for the plan, but it builds on the skills and information you have gathered from thinking through the stages over the past 4 weeks. The ‘making a plan’ skill ensures that you plan all the different steps you are going to do before actually trying it out.

For example, returning to the lunchbox scenario in the introduction video, in our plan we would schedule to tell Mick about the drink bottle being moved so his sandwich isn’t cold. The plan might include deciding what you are going to do with the drink bottle, and how you would need to plan for any potential consequences of this change. There are many other things that you may plan, and often this will depend on the scenario. Now go to your chosen scenario where you will be able to practice your ‘making a plan’ skills.

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