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Calorie counting.

Popular diets

In the introduction to the week, we spoke about the evolving nature of nutrition science and dietary recommendations, and the range and amount of nutrition information that’s now available to us.

Which diets do you think are evidence based? Explore the way nutrition advice is represented in the modern era by taking part in a poll.

What you need to do

  1. Respond to the popular diets poll and then return to this step (for example, by using the ‘Back’ or ‘Go backward’ button on your web browser).

  2. Within the Comments, share with other learners the reason for your answer.

Curious about the poll results?

If you’re curious about responses from other learners, review the poll results and then within the Comments of this step, share your thoughts on the results.

What information do you currently use?

Also consider sharing with other learners the types of information sources you currently use to help guide your food and nutrition choices, and the methods you use to determine if the information source is credible and trustworthy.

Revisit this point

At the end of this week, we’ll revisit this point and ask you to reflect and then share with other learners how your approach may have changed or been reinforced from what you’ve learned throughout the week.

Don’t forget to contribute to the discussion by reviewing the comments made by other learners, making sure you provide constructive feedback and commentary. Remember you can also ‘Like’ comments or follow other learners throughout the course.

It’s possible for you to view the names of the diets in the chart!

If you’re on a mobile device, ‘long press’ - that’s press and hold on each coloured bar in the chart to display a label with the name of the diet. If you’re on a computer, use your mouse or preferred input device to select each coloured bar in the chart or ‘hover’ over the coloured bar.

All the information collected will be stored and handled according to Google’s Privacy Policy / T&C. Your participation has no effect on your course progress, marks or FutureLearn profile.

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