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Summary of the week

Well done for reaching the end of Week 1 of Future Food. We hope you enjoyed it, and now feel you have a better understanding of Diets and Health, including:

  • What a food system is, and how different system components affect the planet
  • How food cultures are changing and the concept of “foodways”
  • How changing diets are influencing health, including the problems of “nutrition transition” and “hidden hunger”
  • Current guidelines for healthy eating and sustainability
  • How we can get people to change their eating habits, using what is known as “Dual Process Theory”

Before moving on, you might wish to revisit the word cloud you helped to create in step 1.3, to see how the cloud has developed since you contributed to it.

Next week we’ll be exploring the impacts of food production. We’ll learn about different production systems - crops, fishing and livestock and how these affect the environment.

Here is some ‘food for thought’ in the meantime: next time you eat a plant-based or animal-based food, pause to reflect what its impacts on the planet might have been.

See you next week!

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