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Varying your word order in sentences is a great way of making your writing more interesting, but you have to follow a few simple rules.

Many sentences start with the subject.

Ich trinke morgens Kaffee.
Maria arbeitet normalerweise von 9 bis 5.
Viele Deutsche gehen um 17 Uhr nach Hause.

But, as you saw in the quiz, it’s also very common to start with an expression of time or place, or another type of adverb.

Morgens trinke ich Kaffee.
Normalerweise arbeitet Maria von 9 bis 5.
Um 17 Uhr gehen viele Deutsche nach Hause.

Note that if you start your sentence with anything other than the subject, the verb still comes second, and the subject moves to a position after the verb.

Use your notebook to rewrite the following sentences, beginning them as indicated:

Ich arbeite manchmal auch am Wochenende.
Manchmal …

Ich komme meistens um 7.30 Uhr ins Büro.
Meistens …

Die Spätschicht beginnt um 16.00 Uhr.
Um 16 Uhr …

Now rewrite this sentence in three different ways:

Viele Leute in Deutschland machen am Freitag um 13 Uhr Feierabend.

Compare what you have written to the model answers in the Downloads area below.

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