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Skip to 0 minutes and 19 seconds There are so many regulations affecting tourism, which are part of government’s responsibility. And I think there are only two models of government intervention. One is central planning and control. And I think in the world now there are only four countries who follow this model. One is China, second is Vietnam, third is Laos, and the fourth is Cuba. What does it mean? It means that government controls tourism as a sector economy. It plans for development, it funds development, it controls development. And in these countries then the private sector has very limited if (there is) any role. It at all opposite to that in the second model is what we call PPP, public private partnership.

Skip to 1 minute and 15 seconds Then government provides the environment, this enabling environment I was spoken about for tourism to develop. But it leaves initiatives to the private sector to develop the policy and planning targets, which in fact they’ve helped the form. So these models then are as I said in the first category probably four countries. In the second category, mostly in the rest of the world. Look at that in brief because I want to spend some time looking at China. So in the context of my review over the last 65 years and also looking at the role of government in tourism, what I would like in my last stage, my last part of the presentation to do this, ok?

Skip to 2 minutes and 8 seconds What is China’s Belt and Road initiative? How can I will study international tourism in form this?

Two Models of Government Intervention

After a good understanding of the role of government in tourism development, you will learn two models of government involvement in tourism development.

Professor Jenkins argues that there are two models of government intervention. What are they?

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China’s Role in Global Tourism Development

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