Skip to 0 minutes and 5 secondsStress is another risk factor, but we're not sure how important it is. We do know that coronary heart disease is increased in unemployment, which is stressful, and is increased in sleep disturbance, which is a sign of stress. We also know that coronary heart disease is increased in anxiety and depression and especially hostility. So people that are hostile to other people get more coronary heart disease. That's been shown in a number of studies. On the other hand, people that are optimistic get less coronary heart disease. We're not quite sure of the mechanisms by which stress causes coronary heart disease, but there is ongoing research being done on this at the moment.


In this video, Dr David Leake talks about stressful situations that correlate with the likelihood of chronic heart disease.

You can download the Week 4 supplement, which contains additional images and descriptions to help you understand the topics covered in this video.

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