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Today, job seekers are more likely to “google” their ideal jobs rather than looking up your company’s website. To bring your positions to the attention of the people you want to hire, and who are actively looking for positions, you need to understand what terms they search for and what social media and job board channels they are more likely to be on.

For example, recent research shows that GenX job seekers in middle/higher management are on LinkedIn. Software developers will be on Github or Stackoverflow while Genzenials (a term used to describe younger millennials and older Gen Zs) are on Snapchat. Posting jobs on these platforms, in addition to the traditional job boards, helps you increase the visibility of your job ads among potential candidates.

Note, these websites (including LinkedIn) charge for job adverts, and the more in demand their audience is, the higher the cost. The good news is that there are free job ad sites in every country and most give you the option to also search for active candidates who register their profile in the hope that employers will approach them. In the UK, sites like Find a Job and Indeed attract millions of job seekers every month. You can also advertise freely on Facebook, Google for Jobs and Glassdoor.

Stuart In this audio interview, we spoke to Stuart Brown, Global Talent Acquisition Strategy Consultant at Alexander Mann Solutions. He explained how you can learn how to widen the net and ensure that your job adverts are not only placed on the right channel, but use the right language that will help attract a more diverse candidate pool.


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