What have we learned this week?

This week you learned about:

  • Defining what we mean by disaster
  • Changing nature of disaster
  • The importance of organisational preparedness for humanitarian response
  • How the current system limits preparedness activities
  • An overview of the disaster preparedness and anticipatory response process

Coming up next week

Next week we will be covering the following areas:

  • Discuss why we help others
  • Explore the core humanitarian principles
  • Discuss the challenges and the potential humanitarian dilemma

Time to reflect

This week gave you a taster of the themes affecting disaster management.

Review your contribution to the discussion area and revisit your notes that you collated.

Write up a reflection on your thoughts so far:

  • What did you learn this week that was new to you?
  • Are there any additional themes that you would like to learn more about?
  • Were there any comments that you read from other learners that changed your perception?

Share your thoughts and reflections in the discussion area.

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