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The value of your personal data

We all know the value of our data, right? And we are all serious about how we protect data? Also right? Let’s start with an example about personal data to bring this conversation alive.

Try out this flow chart and see where you end up.

Workflow - Do you read the terms and conditions when signing up for things? There is an accessible version of this workflow with an outline downloadable as a pdf handout under the "related files" section of this step. Personal data flow chart (Click to expand)

All the flows eventually take you to “watch the data dollar store video” video box. There is a link to this in the next section.

I have met very few people who genuinely read all the terms and conditions. But we know that we should.

Have a look in the “See Also” section below if you want know more about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and for a story about the real cost of free wi-fi!

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