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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 seconds Okay, so that was deliberately light just to get you started. But partially it is about how receptive you are to new ideas, in particular how open you are to listening and learning. So, how would I grade myself? Well given the rapid rate of change in this space and the variety of interesting ways I see people delivering value, my answer fluctuates between a three and a four. And that’s part of what keeps me excited and what keeps me engaged, is the art of the possible, we’re all learning all the time.

Be open to learning

Hopefully this starts to highlight that there is a big difference between being clever about data and being able to use it to drive value.

Your definitions of value

I have shared my definition of the 3 ways organisations use data to deliver value. But what does ‘data value’ mean to you?

Using the comments feature on this step, share the different ways you think data could be used to drive value in your organisation.

The key word is value: this question is not about being an expert in theory, the question is about how comfortable you are applying your knowledge to drive value.

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