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Building on your data analytics maturity

Here is a quick reminder of data analytics maturity.

IImage showing questions and related data processes.  Data: What data do you trust? Reporting:What happened?  Analysis: Why did it happen? Monitoring: What's going on now? Predicting: What could happen?  Optimising: How do I do it better?  Innovating: Where next?Data Analytics Maturity Model (Click to expand)

Let’s assume you now understand your data analytics maturity, now what else do you need to consider to increase the likelihood of success? These are the 3 key consideration I have seen across successful initiatives:

  1. alignment with your organisation’s ambition,

  2. an ability to execute to deliver your ambition,

  3. the right organisational environment to embrace data insights.

Ilustration showing ambition - if your data activites are aligned with your strategy and explicitly funded, you are more likely to succeed. Ability to execute - your customers, stakeholders and employees will support you if your ambition is achievable. Finally, environment - just as a seed needs fertile soil, your data needs a healthy environment to realise your opportunitiews, one that acknowleges what data is telling you and takes action.3 key considerations (Click to expand)

Make sure you have your Data Maturity Matrix and Data Maturity Canvas for completion this week.

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