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Course wrap up

We have almost completed the course. I hope you enjoyed yourself and learned about the business value of data. This course is an introduction to the topic, please feel free to contact The Data Lab if you would like to continue the conversation.

This course was about delivering value so hopefully that key message has stuck with you, use data to deliver value. Look for business outcomes that you want to achieve then look to see how data can help you get there. With this approach you are more likely to get an outcome that results in buy-in within your organisation and future investment.

The steps explored the main areas where people see business value from data:

Image illustrating the themes 1. improved decisions  - where data is used to validate assumptions, 2. improving operations - where data is used to identify process improvements and changes to operating models as well as real time interveintions to improve outcomes, and finally, 3. Monetisation of data -  where your package and sell data to others.Data Values (Click to expand)

With the majority focusing on improved decision making and improved operations.

We have also introduced the workbook so that you can evaluate where you are today and map out the steps you need to take to move forward.

I hope that through these articles, interviews and activities this course has given you the confidence to start adding value through better use of data.

I hope you are leaving this course feeling informed and inspired to take action.

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