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The Crime Scene

Our case study - a murder by the loch

During the 6 weeks of the course we will be using a case study as a mechanism to demonstrate the various learning points that we will cover.

Our ‘Murder by the Loch’ case is based around a real-life incident involving a homicide. We have made some alterations in order to demonstrate some of the specific aspects of forensic science we will be covering in the course but the main points of the case are essentially unaltered.

The case is introduced in the next video where we will be discussing the initial aspects of the scene and the beginnings of the investigation. We will be updating the case each week, providing you with some more information of how the investigation is progressing and discussing material relating to the case that is relevant to the weekly topic. In the last week we will review the entire case discussing each item of evidence as it was discovered.

We hope that you find the case study a good example of forensic science in action and how it plays a role in a complex investigation.

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