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The playalongs produce by Ben and Lee are at the bottom of this step. You can record your own playing using a variety of different programs or apps. For this course, I particularly recommend Soundcloud.

  • Soundcloud is a free service but you will need to create an account, if you don’t have one already.
  • Once you have logged in, you can upload your recording.
  • To link your recording to those from other learners on the course use the tag #FLjazzpiano when filling in the Basic Info tab and post a link in the course comments area.

Week 1 Exercises

  1. Play and improvise on “I Love You” with a playalong
    (i) using basic scales of F and A
    (ii) using enhanced scales
    (iii) as above but using different patterns in the left hand of legato, stabbed and Amen chords

  2. Play the Rhythmic Phrases as required

  3. Apply the Rhythmic Rhrases 1/2 to a blues or a standard, perhaps playing 4 bars of each pattern

  4. Play “Straight No Chaser” with a playalong
    (i) medium tempo
    (ii) medium-up tempo (if you can)

  5. (Advanced) Improvise with a playalong applying “32 bars mixed rhythm” to a standard like “I Love You” or “I Got Rhythm” at a comfortable speed

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This article is from the free online course:

Learn Jazz Piano: III. Solo Piano and Advanced Topics

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