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The 6As checklist and two case studies

If you are considering taking a project based learning approach with an employer, here is a checklist of ‘6As’ that should be considered by teachers:

  1. Authenticity: Will the project engage students by connecting classroom work to real-world issues that students care about?
  2. Academic Rigour: Does the project require students to apply curriculum learning and master academic learning objectives?
  3. Advice and Experience: How will you involve people from local employers – beyond the classroom - to inspire students?
  4. Active Exploration: What ‘real’ materials will be needed from employer partners to enable students to research the project?
  5. Applied Learning: Is the project designed to enable students to apply their academic learning and skills from the outset?
  6. Assessment Practices: Are there points during and after the project when students will gain constructive feedback?

In most cases, project based learning involves a purposeful challenge - centred on learning objectives for an existing scheme of work - that engages a local employer and culminates in some form of exhibition of student work.


Below are linked two case studies. Choose one of these case studies and review how it has implemented the 6As listed above.

In the comments below, share the strengths of the case study and where there might be opportunities to improve the approach.

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