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Skip to 0 minutes and 18 seconds Hi! This is just a brief message to say goodbye to you. We’ve been interacting for six weeks in the participation spaces of the course. I hope that the first contact you had with Catalan Sign Language was helpful and that you learned things you did not know before starting the course. With the knowledge acquired you can communicate now in Catalan Sign Language with both Deaf and hearing people. But this was just a first try. Keeping a language alive is in the hands of the learner.

Skip to 0 minutes and 44 seconds So now you know: keep on signing as much as you can! I also hope that you continue to be in touch with Catalan Sign Language, but also with the sign language you have in your community. We, the team of this online course, will continue to do research on and to teach Catalan Sign Language at Pompeu Fabra University. If you ever come to Barcelona, you know where to find us! See you soon and goodbye!

Thank you and goodbye!

Thank you for participating in this introductory sign language course. We hope that you will continue to explore Catalan Sign Language and the sign language in your home community.

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Keep on signing, and until next time… Goodbye!

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Introduction to Catalan Sign Language: Speaking with Your Hands and Hearing with Your Eyes

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