Some simple Hindu Cryptarithms

In this slideshow we show you how to solve some basic cryptarithms. In the three cryptarithms we have kept the left hand side of the equation the same: * * + * and changed only the required result. This leads to three different types of solutions: no solution, a unique solution and more than one solution.

In the first example: * * + * = 10 there is only one solution. Remember that a leading zero is not acceptable. In the second example: * * + * = 9 there is no solution. In the third example: * * + * = 11 there are two solutions.

These are the three possible outcomes of Hindu problems. I enjoy most the problems that have a single solution, since this is usually a good ‘clue’ to finding the solution.

Now, it’s your turn… In the next step you have your first quiz. Try not to ‘peek’ at the solutions. That’s always a temptation, but you feel bad with yourself afterwards…

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