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What Makes a Great Leader?

In light of Sinek’s video, consider the following reading that provides five lessons that can help in your organisation, educational setting and leadership capacity. Sinek discusses what makes a great leader. Several elements of the reading link clearly to the understandings of neuroleadership. These elements reflect new neurological understandings revealed in science. They take into consideration the brain and the emotional climate of the organisation and the need to provide a place where people feel safe, secure and can trust you.

Consider the following leadership lessons proposed by Sinek (2016) through a neuroleadership lens.

5 Inspiring Lessons In Leadership

  1. Start with why (neuroscience reveals people work best when they have a purpose)

  2. Have clarity, discipline and consistency (the brain works best with clarity and consistency)

  3. Leaders need a following (trust in a leader downregulates the amygdala and helps people feel safe)

  4. Communication isn’t about speaking, it’s about listening (people work best when they feel valued and heard)

  5. Serving those that serve others (people will do what they see others do. Lead by example.)

How can implementing these five lessons calm the amygdala and provide a non-threatening environment where people work to their full potential?

You may wish to watch the accompanying video by Sinek called “How great leaders inspire action” in your own time.


Sinek, S. (2016). 5 Inspiring Lessons In Leadership From Simon Sinek. Retrieved from https://www.manageinbound.com/blog/lessons-in-leadership

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