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How retailers benefit from omni-channeling
How retailers benefit from omni-channeling

How retailers benefit from omni-channeling

While omni-channels provide consumers a seamless, integrated shopping experience, they also offer retailers opportunities to benefit from the simultaneous interactions consumers have with different online channels while shopping. Two key benefits are mentioned by Trafsys consulting (The Top Two Benefits of omni-channel retailing).

1. Collecting customer information for targeted marketing tactics

Omni-channels allow retailers to collect personal customer information (e.g., through online stores and social media pages) more efficiently and effectively using less aggressive approaches e.g., inviting customers to sign up for email alerts, which puts the customers at ease. Through the interactions by consumers with different online channels, retailers can gain insight into the shopping habits and product preferences of their customers. Retailers can then leverage this information to make personalised offers to customers to motivate them to buy.

2. Making more sales in more places

Omni-channel retailing allows shoppers to purchase from any channel, anywhere, making shopping more convenient. At the same time, it gives “inventory” and “customer preferred channel” visibility to retailers, expanding sales opportunities.

Omni-channel Transforming the eCommerce Landscape

Exactly how is omni-channel transforming the eCommerce Landscape? The answer lies in the integration of communications and analytics, which meet customers in their preferred locations. This means retailers can obtain customer data from every transaction, target sales for specific customer segments, integrate business functions and channel communication management. Last but not least, this provides a combination of offline and online channels to offer high quality service-focused shopping. These benefits are explained in more detail in the article at the related links below.


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