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A dress rehearsal

Practice makes perfect

Getting creative

Why not set up a planning session and/or a practice recording session with a trusted friend or colleague that you can authentically interview.

Planning session

  • Decide the format of your interviews and the format your episodes will take

  • Pre-prepare a set of up to 2-4 standard questions you will ask each interviewee

  • Make a pre-interview questionnaire - but don’t follow it slavishly, just use it as a prompt.

Take time to choose and research your guests for the first episode or two.

Practice interview tips

  • Your interview should be a conversation where the host or interviewer listens carefully and acknowledges the speaker

  • Carefully navigate transitions within your conversation

  • Give your guest time to speak without cutting them off or interrupting

  • Take the opportunities that follow-up questions can offer

  • Don’t force the conversation to go in a particular direction

  • Make sure your questions are open-ended

Conversation starter

  • What’s your best recording tip? and how did you learn it?

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