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Welcome to the course!

Welcome to The Power of Colour. KLC and Time Inc. are delighted that you have joined us on this journey into the complex and fascinating world of colour.

This four-week course is an introduction to the many threads that combine to influence and enhance our enjoyment of colour, and to equip us to apply colour confidently at work and at home.

By the end of the course, you should have a good understanding of colour theory and experience of the intelligent manipulation of colour in order to achieve a desired effect. You should also have a basic understanding of how the eye receives and processes colour and light, and how this can inform strategies of colour application.

  • Week 1: Human Perception of Colour – introductory colour theory and how colour communicates itself, how the eye sees colour.

  • Week 2: Human Interpretation of Colour – discovering nuance in colour theory, and considering how to subtly manipulate colour combinations. How colour is thought to influence us, and how culture is expressed through colour. We will also bring London’s colour profile to the course and ask you to share and compare the colour identity of your location.

  • Week 3: Colourful Self-Expression – employing your new understanding of colour theory and harnessing technology to assist you in creating new and original colour combinations.

  • Week 4: Applying Colour Intelligently – understanding how commerce applies colour both in branding and in colour forecasting.

The course is best taken in a chronological order so you can build your understanding by sharing your work and ideas with fellow learners.

The course includes teaching videos, and articles and links to related information, tests and applications, as well as video information and tips from high-profile professionals who are masters of colour.


As this is a creative course, we will ask you to share the colour exercises we set you via Padlet, and to discuss your work along with examples uploaded by your fellow learners. The material you produce will form part of the course and the learning journey itself. These tasks will require a bit more time and thought, but try and have a go this will help the development of your colour awareness.


There will also be bigger discussions that will either prompt you to share your thoughts in the comments, or upload images to share. With our diverse cohort we hope to generate insights into cultural interpretations of colour.

This course comes to you from London and we hope to infuse our teaching materials with a sense of this creative capital. We will be providing information that will allow you to view inspirational areas of London in virtual reality using your smartphone, Google Streetview and a VR cardboard headset.

Throughout the course, do make the most of FutureLearn’s social features: post your thoughts or questions in the comment feed below each post, and don’t be afraid to ‘like’ other learners’ posts and start conversations. If you need any help using FutureLearn, have a look at this How it Works video and the FutureLearn FAQs.

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