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Delivering support safely

Your safety is important, and understanding how to deliver support safely is essential.

It is important that while you deliver PFA you follow the current recommendations to prevent the spread of infection. As guidance is frequently changing, you should regularly check UK Government webpage and if you have one talk to your line manager.

You should clarify whether you should be wearing personal protective equipment(PPE) and when and how to use it.

If you are delivering support remotely (via phone or video), the following considerations should be taken into account:

You should make sure the mode of communication you are using is safe, secure and easy to use.

  • Check there is sufficient time for technical trouble-shooting
  • Make sure you are clear how long the call is expected to take
  • You should speak slowly, clearly and calmly, communicating empathy and warmth
  • You, and where possible the caller, should have your own private space to complete the call, ensuring that you will not be overheard or interrupted
  • You should be aware of your own limits, and you also know when and how to refer a difficult call on to a supervisor

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COVID-19: Psychological First Aid

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