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Summary of Week 2

We have reached the end of Week 2.

We now know more about the different types of challenges that public health faced in post-war Britain. We looked at the role that communicable and non-communicable diseases played in health throughout the post-war period, and discussed the change in disease burden through an explanation of the epidemiological transition. Finally, we looked at the role that socio-economic status and the environment had on determining health outcomes and how these are still having an impact today.

Next week we will look at the solutions offered to solve these problems. We will discuss the role of health education and regulation. We will also look at the continuities and changes in public health in Britain over the last 70 years.

Next week’s activities are available now, but if you decide to look at them now you may want to return to the comments area of each step in order to speak to other learners and offer your thoughts and opinions about the content.

As with last week, we are pulling together common questions and key themes within your discussions, and a summary document will be created in response to this. It will be added to the Downloads section at the bottom of this page.

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A History of Public Health in Post-War Britain

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