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Examples of simulation in logistics

Now that we’ve covered what simulation is and why it’s so valuable within logistics, let’s consider where we might best use it.

Watch the video in which we demonstrate the warehouse pallets allocation problem, which is one of the logistics operations.

There is no narration in this video. You can download a description of the contents as a PDF.

In the table below, we’ve indicated some of the operations where simulation would be best applied.

Ambulance location and dispatching Airline operations scheduling
Parking and port designing Distribution system design
Rail container site management Labour-hiring decisions
Personnel scheduling Traffic-light timing
Voting pattern prediction Bus scheduling
Design of library operations Taxi, truck, and railroad dispatching
Production facility scheduling Plant layout
Capital investments Warehouse management
Sales forecasting Inventory planning and control

Your task

Having watched the video above, discuss how the developed model would improve warehouse management operations.

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