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Reflecting on your learning

You’ve reached the end of the second week of this course. This week you have:

  • Developed your subject knowledge about solids, liquids and gases.
  • Reflected on strategies to elicit misconceptions.
  • Planned activities to address some common misconceptions.


Take a moment now to complete your weekly reflection grid. In the comments below, share:

  • Your key learning point for this week.
  • What you wish to find out more about next week.

Your weekly reflection grids act as a record of your professional development. Keep them safe.

Coming up next week

In week three, we will look at changes in materials.

If you have questions from the course, you can submit them to step 3.12 and Sarah and Karen will answer them in the question and answer session.

Remember, you can get recognition for your CPD when you complete this course. Mark each step as complete as your progress through. Further details on step 3.13.

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