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What's next?

Next week, we’ll be exploring research about memory and how we can make learning stick.

We’ll be introduced to retrieval practice, elaboration, and spacing. After engaging with research evidence, we’ll view a range of case studies from schools about how they’re using technology to support these areas of their teaching and learning practice.

Week 3: Technology to support learning that sticks

  • How can we support pupils’ long-term retention of content learnt using retrieval practice, elaboration and spacing?
  • How might technology effectively support the retention of learning?
  • In what circumstances might we choose to use (or not use) technology as a tool to support learning that sticks?

Reflect on your starting point

Ahead of engaging with the next week’ of the course, take some time to reflect on your current practice so that you have some clear goals for your learning.

To what extent do each of the statements below describe your current context and practice?

Think carefully about these as you are planning and teaching over the coming days. You might like to rate each statement RED (rarely), AMBER (sometimes) or GREEN (all the time).

  1. My pupils are able to retrieve previous learning easily when they need it
  2. My pupils make connections between their new learning and existing knowledge to consolidate it
  3. My pupils have established effective revision strategies at home.

We look forward to seeing you for Week 3 of the course!

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